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There are a number of benefits that go hand-in-hand with the installation of solar panels and the generation of your own electricity. Whether you are looking for a roof or ground mounted system, the advantages of adding solar panels to your domestic, commercial or public property are far greater than simply getting the energy you need for free.

Check out the following benefits of harnessing solar power in your property…

Turn the Supplier-Consumer Relationship on its Head

For a number of years, the rising cost of energy has been a burden for many home and business properties, and needless to say the consumer relationship with energy suppliers has been a troubled one. However, with the installation of solar panels you can save money on your utility bills for the foreseeable future. Even if your installation only generates a proportion of the energy you use, every little helps in regards to lowering those spiralling electricity costs, especially during the winter season when every household and commercial property sees a dramatic increase.

Earn Money From Energy

As well as saving money on your energy bills, schemes like the Feed-In Tariff allow you to make money from your supplier for any energy generated by your new low carbon installation and any electricity that isn’t used in your property and fed into the grid.

Other schemes such as the Green Deal mean that the installation of solar panels and other energy efficient upgrades doesn’t have to come out of your own pocket with the financial assistance available meaning that there are no upfront costs. Instead installation repayments are collected through your energy savings, meaning you can profit from the energy you generate from day one!

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

As well as saving and even earning money from energy generation, your new solar panel installation ensures you do your part in making the planet a greener place for generations to come. Unlike conventional electricity generators, solar and other renewable energy systems don’t release carbon dioxide and other polluting substances into the atmosphere. The average home actually saves around one tonne of carbon dioxide every year through the use of solar panels, which dramatically reduces your home’s carbon footprint.

 Increase Your Property’s Value

 Introducing solar panels to your home may just be a more profitable investment than you anticipate. With everyone looking to go greener in recent years, more and more buyers see properties fitted with PV systems and other renewable energy resources as a more attractive investment. In fact, over a third of buyers are willing to pay more for a greener property, especially homes that qualify for the Feed-In Tariff, which is fully transferable to your buyer when the home is sold.

Generating your own electricity guarantees excellent long-term savings for both families and individuals, so make your home a buyer’s dream by contacting us for more information on solar panel installation today.


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