We have built up vast knowledge in the PV sector and learned a lot about the constraints, breakdowns and rectification methods needed to keep a Solar PV system working to its full potential.

We are an experienced team of solar pv professionals with fantastic customer support, we are here for you!

From real electricians and skilled roofers, we do not employ anyone without the necessary trade qualifications to carry out professional operations and maintenance for solar pv systems. We have a few things to ask yourself about your pv system…

Bill Roberts the company director and fully qualified electrician has completed well over a thousand independent installations ranging from 1KW to 1MW and this experience along with a team of experts means you know you are in good hands. So ask yourself this about your pv system…

Have your solar panels ever been cleaned?

Is your inverter working as it should be?

Has your system been installed correctly?

Has your system produced exactly what it should have?

Is your original installer still in business or bankrupt?

If the answer is NO to any of the above questions then we know we can help you, at the very least you may need to have a service visit and inspection from us and we can do a full once over and diagnostic to make sure your system is in full working order.

WeRsolarUK can…

  • Diagnose problems with systems within 48 hours from notification
  • Know the exact replacement process that manufacturers use
  • Employ only qualified electricians and roofers with proven Solar PV experience (min 3 years)
  • Provides our own transportation
  • Have the capability to upscale installation and manpower through contacts gained within the industry
  • We arrange a yearly routine maintenance using the equipment outlined
  • We are always contactable either via the office line or mobile

1. Proven and tested methods we use to service and maintain your solar pv system

We use only the latest technology to diagnose installation faults, we have on board Seaward PV200 DC solar test equipment with IV curve trace facility, we can produce accurate test certification for all solar panel systems with software used by seaward.

One handheld device combines all test functions required by certification schemes such as NABCEP and other National and State requirements, including the international IEC 62446:2016 standard, as well as curve tracing in accordance with IEC 61829:2015.

These standards are the required tests to gain replacements via solar panel manufacturers.

2. Thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are used to asses hot spots that might occur in the array leading to panel breakdowns and potential fire risks. This is a essential part of picking up faults at a very early stage and getting them replaced via the manufacturers guarantee.

Quality assurance is of fundamental importance for solar panels to ensure high return on the investment that has been paid by you, regardless of whether your installation is ground-mounted or built into the roof or walls of a building, thermal imaging can be used to carry out a full assessment of the solar cells in each of your solar panels.

3. Solar PV cleaning system

We have a full cleaning system and water purification set up, we use a 10ft – 40ft pole which is used for cleaning the panels from ground level, we can provide cherry pickers, scissor lifts and other forms of access required to clean them safely. We have essential working at heights qualifications and full harness training to work safely.

Remember any reduction in solar output affects the profitability of your investment and output which can be simply down to dirt build up, bird droppings or any other obstruction on your panels which are blocking direct UV light, preventing your systems maximum working order.

We can adapt every maintenance package to your exact needs and requirements if you only want fault diagnosis or just a simple clean we can provide these separately or collectively as one package.

Every Operations and maintenance package has to be qualified through our assessment process and an accurate quote will be provided – contact us today on 0800 211 8090 or fill in the below form.

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