Photovoltaic energy is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of cheap, green energy available to householders. Read below to find out much more on the benefits of Solar PV.



As oil and gas prices continue to rise all UK
homes are seeing their energy costs soar,

with many now forced to spend more than 10% of their income just on their energy supply, taking them into what has become termed ‘energy poverty’.

Photovoltaic energy provides a cheap alternative to fossil fuels – and one that will never be at risk of ‘running out’.

Solar roof panels are not only a supremely environmentally friendly way to power your home, but there are other financial benefits too.

Depending on the amount of energy you consume and the size of the solar panel installation you buy, it is possible to reduce your electricity bills by a considerable amount.

In addition, the introduction of the Feed-In Tariff means that any surplus energy you generate from your PV solar panels can be sold to the National Grid at favourable rates. Panels are maintenance-free, with a potential functional lifetime of more than 30 years. Because they are so desirable, a solar system may even add a significant sum to the value of your house.

At WRS, we are highly experienced and professional domestic PV installers and suppliers based in Newcastle and Yorkshire serving customers across the North East and Yorkshire.

There is a common myth that a solar panel requires direct sunlight to work, but the truth is that they only actually require daylight to work effectively. So even if you don’t have a south facing roof or what would normally be considered to be an ‘optimal’ position for solar panels, we can help. Our qualified PV installers can install a full system into your home, allowing you to reap the financial benefits.


To find out more about how installing
solar panels could help you save money,

reduce your carbon footprint and even increase the value of your home, browse our website for further information or contact us directly on today at our office on 0800 211 8090 to speak to one of our Solar PV experts on how we can help you with your requirements.

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