The Feed In Tariffs Scheme is a Government initiative which was introduced in the UK in April 2010 to encourage people to generate electricity from Solar power systems by offering financial support.


Not only will you be paid through your electricity supplier for the electricity you generate,

but you will also reduce your energy bills and protect yourself from future energy price rises. What’s more, you will be paid again for any electricity which you do not use which you export to the national grid through your electricity supplier.

All of this as well as reducing your carbon footprint by installing Solar power systems, you will notice an immediate saving in your household energy costs from day one.

How the Tariff works

A sample income calculation
A South facing 4 kWp PV system will produce approximately 3498 kWh each year. The income and savings expected can be calculated as follows:

Feed in Tariff
Number of units generated x tariff per unit – x 4.39p = £153.56 (A)

Free Energy
Assume 50% of the energy generated gets used in the home and assume the cost of buying this electricity would have been 14p per unit.



The value of the FREE Energy is:

50% x Number of units generated x unit cost of electricity 1749  x 14p = £244.86 (B)

Exported Energy
The rest of the energy gets exported to the grid earning 4.85p a kWh: The value of the exported energy is: 50% x Number ofunits generated x export tariff 1749 x 4.85p = £84.83 (C)

In total the value of the income and savings is given by A + B + C = £483.25 every year.

The amount you get paid will depend upon the size of the system you have installed.

System Size Tariff (pence per kWh) Lifetime (years)
Up to 4 KW (new build) 4.39 20
Up to 4 KW (retrofit) 4.39 20
Between 4 and 10 KW 4.39 20
Between 10 and 50 KW 4.59 20

You will also be paid an additional 4.85p for every unit (kWh) that you feed back into the grid.This is currently not metered and is assumed to be 50% of your total generation.

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