As solar panel systems increase in age the need for maintenance, cleaning and replacement equipment is becoming more and more apparent as many systems are now well into their working life.


Solar panel inverters contain many parts, capacitors, resistors & pcb boards which over time will either fail or need maintenance help to work efficiently.

Most inverters sold and installed around the 2010 – 2012 year mark are now becoming problematic and with a 5 year warranty only provided by the manufacturer more and more customers need to fully replace the inverter with a new product, which would require you to pay to have this new inverter installed.

WeRSolarUK  are a Certified SolarEdge Installer and also a SolarEdge Service Partner, we believe that SolarEdge produce some of the best inverters for the following reasons…

  • Increase in revenue

  • Live monitoring

  • Inverters with up to a 20 year warranty

  • Battery ready



New solutions…

The new developments in solar technology make this a great opportunity to upgrade to a more intelligent all round better solution for your solar pv system. With integration of the internet into new line products monitoring and control of Solar PV system has never been more accessible.

Also other products like immersion heater control switches, handheld monitoring devices can be installed to give the best possible return available from your roof.

Upgrade your PV system with optimised inverter technology for more energy, full insight, and improved safety…

SolarEdge have invented an intelligent inverter solution that has transformed the way power is managed for a solar PV system. Now each panel can produce its maximum energy, mismatch losses are eliminated, and you can potentially earn more money from your feed in tariff.

In addition, during the past years, inverter efficiency has continually improved, therefore, your system can feed in even more solar energy into the grid.

Get maximum power from each solar panel – protect your investment

With a SolarEdge system, you will also enjoy full visibility into system performance, enhanced safety, and longer warranties.

With a traditional string inverter system, you typically do not receive any notification if there is a problem with your systems production. But with SolarEdge you can monitor the performance of each panel in your system to secure your long-term investment. Get updates anytime, anywhere using free iPhone and Android applications and receive automatic alerts when there is a problem with your systems production.




WeRsolarUK offer an all round installation package to suit every customers needs.

With fully trained installation engineers we can carry out any solar pv inverter upgrade or replacement at a great price to suit your requirements.

We can give you full comprehensive advice on what products are correct and most suitable to your current system helping you achieve maximum output and return on investment from your system.

If your installation company has gone bankrupt…

Don’t worry we will help you and advise the best course of action to get your system up and running again in no time at all. If your inverter is still under its manufacturers warranty we have the experience to deal with all inverter manufacturers, return faulty equipment then replace with the new unit provided.

Be assured we can offer the full maintenance and replacement package for you that is required for your specific needs.

If you need further advice take a look at the below information…

We have a wide range of inverters to recommend and install to fit your systems exact needs and for your budget.

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