The benefits of using photovoltaic energy to power your home fall into two main categories: financial and environmental.



Financial Aspects

While there may be an initial outlay to consider in purchasing a solar panel installation, it will start to pay for itself the moment it is active.

– Depending on your energy consumption and the size of the installation you choose, your household energy bills are considerably reduced.

– Since April 2010, the Feed-In Tariff means that any surplus energy generated by your solar panel array can be sold on to the National Grid at favourable terms.

– By generating your own electricity, you will be able to minimise the effects on your household budget of rising gas and electricity costs.

– Installing a photovoltaic system may increase the value of your home.

The Environmental Aspect

Fossil fuel is a non-renewable energy source. Its consumption produces many harmful effects on the environment such as greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane, and its acquisition literally costs the earth in oil spills and the ecological impacts of mining.

The phosphorous electrons create a negative charge, while the boron electrons generate a positive charge. The combined result is a directional current, otherwise known as DC electricity.

– The sun is a clean and renewable source of energy.
– Solar PV energy produces no harmful emissions or greenhouse gases.
– Solar roof panels plug you into a free and unlimited energy source.
– Also the  Feed-in-tariff is index linked.



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