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As industry leaders within the solar panel industry, WeRSolarUK receives a number of enquiries regarding the suitability of individual residential and commercial properties for solar panel installation.

There are a number of factors that determine whether a property is the right candidate for solar panel installation and whilst installing PV panels may unlock a number of energy and money saving benefits, unfortunately not every property is suitable for installation. Here we answer the all-important questions to give you the information you need to decide whether your property can switch to solar power.

How energy efficient are you?

Due to changes to the feed-in tariff (FIT) policy, only homes with an energy performance certificate of rating D or above can claim the full tariff. This means if your home is below this then it may be worth trying to improve your energy rating further before considering solar panel installation to ensure you reap the full rewards of switching to solar.

Is your roof in good condition?

The structural condition of your home’s roof will be a primary factor in determining whether your property is suitable for solar panel installation. Whilst individual panels aren’t as heavy as you may think, the whole system including mounting frames can weigh around 275kg for a standard PV system, which can put considerable strain on roofs that aren’t in the best condition.

Commissioning a site survey before installation will determine if your roof can sustain the extra weight.

Does your home have access to much sunlight?

If your home is south facing, or better yet south east or south west facing, then solar panels have the best possible chance of absorbing enough sunlight to power your home and some. However, roofs facing in other directions may not feel the full advantages of solar panel installation.

Is your roof’s pitch and orientation suitable?

The angle of your roof can determine exactly how much sunlight your solar panels are exposed to. The recommended orientation or angle is between 30º and 45º, and roofs outside of this range may fail to absorb the optimum amount of sunlight. It’s not all doom and gloom though, solar panels can be installed on flat roofs using a specialist frame to achieve the desired angle.

The pitch of your roof is also a defining factor as a clear space of up to 24 square metres is required to mount solar panels.

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