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So you’ve taken advantage of the energy efficient benefits of a solar panel installation but how can you ensure your system lasts? Whilst PV panels need very little maintenance, there are a few tips and tricks home and business owners can utilise to ensure you get the very best out of your new installation.

 Keep Panels Clean and Clear

To remain effective and efficient solar panels must be kept clean and free from debris at all times. Whilst rainfall will go a long way in keeping your panels free from dirt and falling leaves, thanks to their angled position, you will need to remove stubborn dust and bird droppings periodically to ensure optimum performance. The majority of panels must be rinsed off, however, it is advisable that you check with the manufacturer of your panels for the correct cleaning method for your system.

During the winter months in particular, snow must be removed to keep your panels active all year round, especially for ground mounted systems that tend to gather debris more readily. How often you clean your solar panels depends entirely on their condition so keep an eye on your system and take action when they need a spring clean. It is recommended that you enlist a fully accredited solar panel specialist like ourselves to perform any maintenance works, especially to roof mounted systems.

Inspect Regularly

As well as inspecting your system for the build-up of dirt and debris, you must also ensure you keep wildlife at bay. Squirrels in particular cause a major problem with solar panels as they may chew through the wires connecting your system, whilst birds see roof mounted panels as the perfect place to build a nest. By conducting regular inspections of your system you can guarantee the safety of wildlife and keep your panels in good working order for years to come.

During inspection, any cracks, gaps, corrosion and other damage will be highlighted to ensure your panels are repaired and their lifespan extended further.

Keep Your Foliage Trim

Trees and other shrubs can cause issues for solar panel systems, causing them to become particularly ineffective. Overgrowth trees and foliage will cast shade onto solar panels and prevent the energy absorption needed to generate electricity for your home or business property. Whether you have roof or ground mounted panels, keep your garden trim to ensure your panels get the best possible exposure to sunlight.

Monitor Performance

A decrease in performance can be one of the main tell-tale signs that your solar panels are in need of maintenance, repair or replacement, so monitor how much energy is generated on a day-to-day basis to tackle any problems with your system as soon as they arise.


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