8.33 SOLAR

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Inspired Solar technology

8.33 Solar Mono Crystalline PV modules with gallium enriched cells are the best performing modules yet; excellent up 16.14% efficiency and industry leading power output guarantees.

95% power output guarantee within 12 years and 90% within 25 years. Manufactured for maximum yield and robust long-life performance. + Power tolerance of 10 watts, which means if you are supplied with a 250w panel its really a 260w. All eternity panels have a + 10 watt power tolerance.


Eternity cells are only the choice cuts of silicone with the highest purity level possible.

Coupled with a manufacturing process which uses a  complete vacuum to reduce the C02 and oxygen levels it leaves you with the best possible solar cell.

Mono Crystalline PV modules which are manufactured with 0% C02 and oxygen content are less susceptible to damage by solar radiation and decay slower over their lifetime. Combined with highly transmissive glass, the result is a highly efficient Solar PV module that delivers higher power output than alternative standard Mono Crystalline PV modules.

High quality standards: ISO 9001, IEC, CE, and MCS certification; Accredited by TUV SUD. View the product data sheets below.




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