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Thinking about solar panel maintenance or upgrading your solar system?

Solar Panel Upgrades

Solar Panel Servicing

A solar panel service helps to keep the system running smoothly. Adding the latest solar panel technology, inverter and monitoring systems increase efficiency and help reduce solar breakdowns.

Experienced Professionals

With our vast knowledge and seven years of experience, we can quickly diagnose and fix solar PV breakdowns to get your system generating electricity again.


Extended Guarantee

Our solar panel service and repairs are guaranteed, we can replace with the same or better solar panel spares. We have vast experience in servicing different solar panel installations and systems – even if we didnt install it.

Maintainance Package

If you are interested in a regular solar panel service to keep your system in good order, speak to us today for a no obligation quote based on your solar panel system.

Additional Services

We can also provide inverter breakdown services and solar cleaning services, please see our dedicated pages on these solar services we offer

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