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The Green Deal is a government backed initiative that aims to help homeowners make the most of their energy and reduce their heating bills further. Under the Green Deal scheme, homeowners throughout the UK can get the assistance and finance they need to improve the energy efficiency of their property thanks to the introduction of energy saving improvements.

As proud installers of Green Deal technologies, the engineers here at We R Solar have helped homeowners and landlords throughout Tyne and Wear unlock the benefits of this new initiative for a number of years. We’re here to help you do the same by answering those all-important questions about the Green Deal.

What improvements can I access via the Green Deal?

There are a selection of energy saving improvements that can help make your home more efficient and cost effective. The Green Deal helps homeowners to access these improvements with various finance options and advice available under the initiative.

Energy saving improvements provided via the Green Deal include:

  • Solid and cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Draught proofing
  • Heating and renewable energy generation i.e. heat pumps, biomass, solar water heating and solar PV
  • Double glazing installation

Thanks to the Green Deal homeowners and landlords can improve the energy efficiency of their properties reducing their annual heating costs without paying any upfront fees and paying back the loan through the home’s electricity bill.

The four stages of the Green Deal process

Assessment is the first stage of applying for finance through the Green Deal. A Green Deal advisor or provider will visit your premises and identify exactly what energy saving improvements are need to enhance your property’s efficiency and how much it will save you in the long run. A Green Deal advice report will then be devised exploring your options and how the process works.

After obtaining this report and discussing any further details with your advisor, the Green Deal provider will then arrange funding to complete the proposed installations. After finance has been approved, an accredited installer will carry out the necessary installations at your property.

The final stage of the process is repayment, which occurs over time through your electricity bill. Your electricity supplier will arrange a payment plan with your Green Deal provider and each month you will only pay back what you have saved as a result of your new improvements.

For more information on the Green Deal visit our contact us page.

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