Solar Battery Storage

Lithium Ion batteries store power for when you really need it

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Why battery Storage ?

There are many reasons why you would install a battery storage system in your home.  If you have a PV array already in place, then it is likely that you are exporting up to 80% of that energy back to the grid.  This is your energy that you have generated for free – and you get paid for generating that energy regardless of whether you use it or export it.  By storing this surplus production for use later in the day you can increase ‘self-consumption’ to in excess of 80%, drastically reducing your reliance on the grid and driving down your energy bills. Switch to solar battery storage today.

The Differences AC or DC Coupled

AC-coupled systems are recommended as a retrofit solution (for those who have PV installed).  There is no impact of FIT revenues for those on a high rate (owing to charge/ discharge efficiency losses) and no need to replace the existing DC inverter.  They also open up the possibility of charging batteries from the grid to exploit peak/off-peak price differentials and therefore can be installed without PV.

DC-coupled systems would be preferred for new PV installs where the priority is to store surplus solar energy.  The round-trip efficiency is greater and any impact on FIT (at current rates) would be negligible.  Charging from the grid would still be possible but less efficient and would require a specific metering solution.

Grid Loading & Aggregation

Installing a home solar battery system not only allows you store surplus energy from your solar array but also programme your battery system to charge upon lower price “off-peak” electricity generally available overnight. With the introduction of SMET2 smart meters integrating there way into our national grid this enables suppliers such as Octopus energy to offer more time based off-peak rates. Rates as low as 5p per kWh can be used to fill your battery up to capacity. In the winter months when solar generation is low, this really helps to lower your bills even further. You could pay as little as £50 per year if you try hard enough!

Grid aggregation will also become more popular with companies installing batteries in your home and using them to supply the grid in peak demand times. Usually, energy suppliers will control the battery and release energy when they need it and in return pay you for the energy they have used. This, however, does give companies access to discharge your battery when they need it resulting in you having a flat battery when you may need power in your house. There is a lot more development needed to make this option more viable to end-users.


Always know what you’ll pay.

⊕   3.68 or 6 kW Output
⊕   10 Year Warranty
⊕   Cycle As Much As You Like
⊕   You Can Charge From Grid
⊕   Off-Grid Charging
⊕   100% DOD

Gateway 1 Non-Backup


Gateway 2 With Backup


⊕   3.6kW Output
⊕   10 Year Warranty
⊕   6000 Cycles
⊕   Grid Charging
⊕   90% DOD
⊕   Retro Fit

AC Connected

3.6Kw Inverter with 6.3 Kwh Triple Power


Add Another 6.3 Kwh Triple Power for £2250 up to 4

3.6Kw Inverter with 4.5 Kwh Triple Power


Add Another 4.5 Kwh Triple Power for £1715 up to 4

⊕   3 kW Output
⊕   10 Year Warranty
⊕   4500 Cycles
⊕   Grid Charging
⊕   90% DOD
⊕   Retro Fit

AC Connected

3 Kw Inverter with 3.5 Kwh Plyontech Battery


Add Another 3.5 Kwh Battery for £990 up to 4

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solar Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries store your unused energy for use when the sun goes down. Powerful efficient lithium battery technology can also be retrofitted to the majority of existing solar installs.


Store Your Electricity

A solar battery storage system lets you store your electricity generated by your solar panels so you can use it when you want – even when the sun goes down!

Buy Less Energy

Solar panels only produce electricity when there is sunlight. When it is dark, you will often need to buy electricity from your energy provider as your solar panels won’t be producing electricity for you to use. Lithium Ion batteries store your unused energy for use when the sun goes down.

Maximise Use

Don’t waste any of the valuable electricity you produce when you don’t need it, maximize the amount of solar electricity you use. Some of the best solar battery manufacturers include Powervault, Samsung, Solarcentury and Tesla.

Retrofit Solar Batteries

We can retrofit solar battery solutions to most solar panel installations. We can supply a battery solution to fit your needs including the latest 14KWh Tesla Powerwall.


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Nigel Bell

As many of the reviews testify, WeRSolar don’t do pressure selling, but simply give you a clear explanation of the potential of your roof to accommodate the panels and their recommendation of the best system for your circumstances, lifestyle and budget. We had cheaper quotes from elsewhere, but are glad we dismissed them as they would not have maximised the power we are now generating. Very pleased with the service and system. Wish we’d fitted them earlier

Gary Leake

WeRSolarUK was recommended to me by a neighbour , I had another company visit and give the usual sales pitch then I invited these guys. from the first meeting they came across as very professional and knowledgeable and very competitive price-wise. On the day of installation, the team turned up prompt and were very polite everything was explained fully and the installation went smoothly without a hitch. Having had the system now for 4 months I am very pleased, even on dull days the system still produces power if you are thinking of panels these guys are the professionals to get in!

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